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TR will bring 40+ years of experience to help you solve problems or just give you another pair of eyes. We can evaluate a situation, advise remedies, develop solutions and implement plans.


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What our customers write about us

These testimonials reflect clients' satisfaction and gratitude toward the services provided by Turf Rehab, highlighting their professionalism, effectiveness, and exceptional results.

GCS The Tree Farm, SC

“Turf Rehab made a site visit and created a full master drainage plan for The Tree Farm. They flexibly worked around our golf calendar to complete the works in a timely fashion and made quick audibles after severe weather events. After installing 2” drainage in our fairways, our wettest areas have become our driest. We plan to complete the remainder of our drainage plan and utilize Turf Rehab for any drainage needs in the future.”

Nick Roth

GCS North Shore CC, WI

“True team players and tireless workers. Turf Rehab went above and beyond on our bunker removal project. With a condensed timeline due to weather, the end product was precisely executed and exactly planned. We couldn’t be more pleased with Turf Rehab’s service and look forward to working with Mark in the future.”

Joel Larsen

Turf Service

TR specializes in Drainage, but can handle any project. We apply the same practices to Golf Courses or Athletic Fields. 

Greens Drainage

Is a permanent solution to poorly drained and compacted turf. It offers an excellent way to improve the subsurface drainage of an existing green — without rebuilding the green. 


Fairway Drainage

consists of a series of 'lateral' drains installed across the area in question, connecting to a 'main' carrier pipe that channels the water collected by the system to an outfall.



Tees, Fairways, Greens


Tees Restoration

Laser Leveling, Re-grassing, Re-Sizing


Bunkers Drainage

The added tile drainage  helps maintain bunker sand quality.


Grassing/Sod Work

TR can get the job done quickly and proficiently.


Grassing Sprigging

Our crews have worked on many projects in the South that required sprig planting.


Turf Removal

Removing grass is a challenging project that requires time and effort.


Green Rebuilds/ Expansions

We can rebuild Greens cheaper and more efficiently than USGA method.  Longer lifespan


Planning and Consulting

TR will bring 40+ years of experience to help you solve problems or just give you another pair of eyes. We can evaluate a situation, advise remedies, develop solutions and implement plans.


Horse Arenas

Providing dry arenas for more confidence and care


Salt Flushing

Deep watering greens at two- to four-week intervals during the summer is the primary method to flush soluble salts out of the rootzone.


Master Drainage Plans

We will be totally focused on how water moves around your course. TR will then develop a plan to capture problematic water and move it to areas of your choice.


GPS and Mapping

Greater precision in the location of the drainage systems placed on your golf courses.  We can also GPS your course/athletic field features


Field Drainage

Field drainage is installed to rapidly remove excess soil water to reduce or eliminate water logging and return soils to their natural field capacity.


Athletic Fields

Our staff can handle any grassing projects at any type of facility!

Turf Rehab


Golf courses with drier conditions and healthier turf.

1. Enhanced playability

2. More Rounds - profitability

3. Greater Appreciation of the Course/Field

4. Less Maintenance

5. Less chemical applications necessary

It's important to have a drainage system on your golf courses?