We think our Slit-Drainage process works well in any sporting environment.  Using a 2" microslit pipe allows for a quick return to the playing surface.  When the cavity to which the drainage pipes are situated reach saturation point, these microslits open, draining the cavity.  This allows for surface water to then enter the cavity by opening pore space.    The temporary water table then is reconstituted after the surface water is taken care of, promoting deeper root growth.  Puddles disappear fast!  TR also utilizes other drainage principals and pipe sizes necessary for the successful completion of your project.

This leads to a healthier stand of turf.  Golf courses can fine tune their surfaces to be firmer and faster if they wish.  Less damage on drier greens and fairways.  Courses see more revenue because they can allow carts out more often.
Athletic Fields can offer safer playing conditions.  Wet fields and loose turf make for uncertain footing and unnecessary injuries.  You also see more canceled games and practices.
Horse Arenas/Polo Fields also become too sloppy and unsafe with excess surface water.  TR installations can take care of this!

Another way Superintendents utilize  our system is to FLUSH Salts from the soil profile.  By adding drainage to your greens and using proper flushing techniques, it will reduce harmful salt levels that affect your greens.